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Electrical Code Change for 2020 
Voltage Boosting Transformers now Prohibited


RV Refrigerator

RV Fridge Cool Down 
How to pre-cool your fridge before loading


Installing Lexan/Plexiglas For Your Screen Door

Measurements for Plexiglas Screen Door

Template for Screen Door Corner

ModMyRV, DoItYourself


Build A Ladder Jack Game

Building the Ladder Jack Game

Ladder Jack Rules 1

Ladder Jack Rules 2


Build A Ground Flag Pole

Ground Flag Pole


Game Score Sheets

Train Score Sheet for  9

Train Score Sheet for 12

Train Score Sheet for 13


How to Dump and Clean an RV Black Tank -Windows (.WMV file) - video
How to Dump and Clean an RV Black Tank -MAC/iPad (.MP4 file) - video

Can I Change RV Tires from ST Type to LT Type

Safe RV Water
(The Water Hose)
(Water Pressure)
(How Long Can I Keep Fresh Water In The Tank)
(Properly Sanitizing the Water Tank)


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