Lone Star Scouts RV Club

~ Pet Owners ~


We are encountering many RV parks that have added new rules.
Some pertain to pets that travel in your RV:
1. Certain breeds of animals are now considered agressive
     and are forbidden from entering the RV park...
    * The RV park may or may not post this info on their website.
    * The RV park may or may not tell you when you make your reservation.
    * You may not find out until you show up to check-in!
So, ask about their pet policy if you do not see it anywhere.
2. Some parks are requiring proof of rabies vacination...
    * Most parks will accept the rabies vaccination tag on the collar.
    * Some are requiring the paper certification.
Be prepared, get a paper certification from your vet and carry with you.

3. The RV Parks are all stating this is a requirement of their insurance