Lone Star Scouts RV Club

 ~ Campout Hosting ~



Campout Hosting Guidelines

If you have never hosted before, volunteer to team up with someone that has.
This will give you some experience.

There should be two couples hosting each campout.


This is an outline of the host duties:


1. Opening and closing of the recreation/rally hall Thursday thru Sunday.


2. Saturday - Supper (Pot Luck, Dine Out, or Cater)


3. Sunday - prepare and serve a continental breakfast of your choice.*


4. Check the club supplies and let someone on the board know what
   needs to be replenished.


5. Keep track of your expenses and turn them in to the treasurer
   for reimbursement.

* Consider donating the supplies you purchase for the Sunday breakfast;
  otherwise, you are allowed to be reimbursed up to $5.00 per rig attending.
  - - - Receipts (or copies) are required to be reimbursed. - - -