Lone Star Scouts RV Club

~ Campout Signup ~

The deadline to signup is usually 14 days before the scheduled campout date to ensure
you will have a camping site at the RV park. Some of the parks require you to make your
site reservation directly with the park. This will be noted on the schedule for that month.

In a few rare cases you will need to sign-up for a campout sooner because the RV park has
a limited number of camping sites available to our group. This will be noted on the Schedule.

Campouts officially begin on Thursday and officially end on Sunday. You can also sign-up
to come in on Wednesday with this sign-up form.
If you plan on coming in BEFORE Wednesday
or STAYING beyond Sunday, please make your own arrangements with the RV park.

We need to know who is attending and what day you will be arriving.

If you need to CANCEL or CHANGE your sign-up...
there is a section near the bottom of the form to do so.